Royalty Free
Music Recording Studio Melbourne

When you are composing a great masterpiece, jingle, corporate video, music album, or other work of art, there are going to be times when having the right sounds go beyond your ability to perform them. When you run into that conundrum, royalty free music is a great option to have access to. At Rooftop Recording Studio, we have one of the most extensive royalty free music libraries in the region.

For commercials, jingles, and those corporate videos, hiring musicians to compose fresh, unique, and completely original music can be cost prohibitive. Also, when you have to pay for every use in the future, the expense can add up quickly. Rely on the impressive royalty free music library provided to you by Rooftop Recording Studio and produce the most professional recording possible.

At Rooftop Recording Studio, we believe in excellence. We also believe that some music deserves to be shared … royalty free.

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