Having the right equipment for your recording needs is essential. Every project is different and unique; that’s why at Rooftop Recording Studios, we believe in supplying to widest range of both classic analogue and modern digital recording equipment.

We use an analogue mixing console (the 16 channel Amex BC2 board with a Focusrite Red quad 4 microphone pre amp, a recently reconditioned Urei LA-4 Dual compressor, Langevin ELOP stereo electro-optical limiter, and TC electronic finalizer 96k mastering processor.

We have a selection of Newmann microphones, which are considered the top of the line in recording mics, and have the Neumann U87 and U47 to choose from or pair up. We also rely on the Neumann M147 tube condenser microphone, the AKG C-144 and C-451 mics, an two Crown PZM mics, along with an assortment of other specialty and utility mics for all recording needs.

Rooftop Recording Studio proudly uses Pro Tools 64-track, 24 mix TDM system with an assortment of plug in options.

Our monitors offer the clearest separation of bass and high end frequencies to provide you with the most precise quality sound; what you hear in our studio is what you’ll hear anywhere else. No more mixing down to what you feel is a good quality only to discover that the bass was too high or mids too pronounced. At Rooftop Recording Studio, we accept nothing but the best!

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